Dental Tourism at Naxos island

Have you ever consider taking advantage of your vacations in Greece, receiving at the same time premium & affordable dental care?

Dental Clinic 321smile has been offering high quality dental services to patients for the past decade bearing always in mind the respect to the patient. In the same mindset and sense of duty we provide all visitors of Naxos island with immediate dental services thus making dentistry a pleasant experience. 

Dental treatments and services

We provide a variety of services ranging from common procedures such as resin fillings, fluorination, dental cleansing, removal of stains, to cosmetic dentistry (dental whitening, all ceramic crowns, bridges, on lays and veneers, Botox and hyaluronic acid.

Of course, more complex procedures are included, such as dental implants (same day tooth) and orthodontics (invisalign, clear aligner).  We also pay particular attention to offering immediate relief from acute symptoms (root canal treatments, extractions of impacted teeth, dental and periodontal abscesses, gingivitis). 

With the view to achieving the best possible treatment we use cutting edge technology.  Diagnosis is assisted by a digital panoramic x-ray and a digital retro alveolar x-ray. Root canal treatment is more accurate with devices including an apex locator and endo motor while impressions are taken without discomfort using a dental scanner for rapid manufacturing of all known ceramic restorations in just 24 hours.

There is a fully qualified, English speaking scientific group behind our equipment (oral and facial surgeon, orthodontist, a dental surgeon, and a fully   equipped dental lab. Our practice complies with all the hygiene protocols while the 2 certified assistants will contribute to your most enjoyable dental experience you have ever had.

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