Our practice is fully equipped with innovative logistical equipment and all our methods during dental procedures are in accordance with the most recent developments. All our procedures are performed without the patient having to leave the practice. We always see to ensuring all the conditions necessary to comfort the patients and prove that they can totally trust us.

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Dr Spiros Kakonikolas finds inspiration in his work and enjoys to inspire others through it. Day after day he rediscovers his love for dentistry stepping on solid but also non stop expanding cognitive ground while using his long experience.
He is an advocate of patient’s holistic treatment, realising that you have to treat each patient as body, mind and soul and not just a smile…
Dr. Kakonikolas knows that this is the only way to create real smiles.

Painless Dentistry

Our aim is to inform the patient, to answer any queries regarding the dental act followed each time and to reassurance the patient that in up to date dentistry the term “pain” has been eliminated. With the innovative logistics equipment and the new techniques, dental procedures have been rendered some of the least painful dental acts.

Realising the importance of ensuring the patient’s comfort, our practice offers free sessions where we will answer all your queries regarding the dental act followed each time, in addition to the topnotch treatment as well as the given clinical experience.

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