Same day tooth

I want my old smile back. I want my lost confidence back. I want to be free to chew. (Patients’ true testimonies)

All this and so much more is what we also want for all of you. We believe that it is our obligation to give you your lost confidence back, and to make you feel that you are in safe hands. And most important to help you possess the smile of your dreams.

Partial and all the more so total teeth deficiency is a serious problem in both personal and social aspect. Not being able to eat the food you want, the inability to chew properly and assimilate the food (given that the oral cavity is the first part of the digestive system) is undoubtedly another form of disability.
The team of 321 Smile Clinics with their scientific training of various specialities promises you a solution that can be applied immediately in the course of the innovative and revolutionary services of same day tooth.
Forget whole dentures once and for all. You can now taste anything you want, with teeth resembling your natural teeth, both aesthetically and in aspect of function. Feel confident again without being obliged to remove and clean the dentures after every meal.

Our team, taking into consideration your own needs, will combine our knowledge with the possibilities offered by the digital technology equipment. After completing a detailed clinical and scanning control (digital panoramic X-ray) we will assure you of possible limitations to ascertain whether you are the suitable candidate. The next step is to plan the treatment. With means such as the digital scanner, we will show you the initial situation of the hard and soft tissues of your mouth, we will examine your occlusion and will show you with absolute precision what the final picture of your mouth will be as well as and the total cost.
And what is even more important? All this can be realized without long and painful visits. Without having to wait for months to enjoy your new smile since, within 24 hours, the whole work (any possible extraction, surgical implant placement, acquisition of digital impression and delivery of final work) will be completed.
We invite you to the new and special world of modern dentistry. What remains is for you to accept the invitation and make the appointment that will bring you a step closer to your old smile

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