If we have lost one or more teeth, then the most functional and aesthetic solution is implants. An implant is in fact a small titanium screw placed surgically in the jawbone and replaces the functional part of the natural tooth’s root. At the end of the placement procedure, we will adjust a crown on the implant- this crown will in turn replace the visible part of the lost natural tooth.

The reason implants outclass the other prosthetic restoration procedures is that they don’t allow the bone to recede or to absorb. After losng a tooth, the jawbone starts to recede in this area. But as implants can mimic the function of the natural teeth, the bone can be preserved. At the same time of course, implants offer a patient comfort and a highly aesthetic effect. And with a small number of implants we can support bridges as well as dentures so that we can have a total restoration even if we have lost all our natural teeth.

Placing the implants is performed surgically on the jawbone with local anesthesia and is pain free not only during the procedure but also after this is completed. In case of post operating discomforts, they are usually treated with mild painkillers. The next step that will last a few moths is the one of osseointegration during which the implant will steadily integrate in the jawbone. Thanks to titanium, which is a biocompatible material, The chances of the organism to reject the implant are minimal. After the completion of osseointegration, a crown will be produced and firmly attached to the implant.

A necessary condition for an implant treatment is that there is enough jawbone and also hard enough to support the implant. However if we define that there is deficiency of bone mass, we can in some cases create enough mass with bone graft.

In each and every case we will perform detailed clinical and x ray examination so that we decide if the implants are the most suitable treatment for you.
In each and every case we will perform detailed clinical and x ray examination so that we decide if the implants are the most suitable treatment for you.

Implant Loading

Immediate implant loading is an innovative technique that allows us to place the implant supported prosthesis, in other words the crowns or even the artificial dentures, on the same day or within some days after the placement of the implants in the jawbone. These restorations are either temporary which means that they serve the patient’s needs until osseointegration is complete and permanent crowns or dentures are made or could be permanent from the start.

This method drastically reduces the rehabilitation period and demands fewer interventions for the completion of the treatment. The psychological factor is also of great importance – especially in cases of front teeth missing- since the patient’s functions are immediately restored. The immediate loading cannot be applied to all cases, since there must be enough bone mass with the appropriate density while the patient must present no pathology in the area of have habits such as e.g. bruxism. This is why each case is studied thoroughly so that we ascertain if we can proceed to immediate loading.

Implants are placed in our practice.
Implants are placed in our practice by the specialized maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Konstantinos Psomaderis who also monitors all the stages of the procedure.
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